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A Sacred Illness or Dreaded Occurrence?

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Quote of the Week

“A sacred illness is one that educates us and alters us from the inside out, provides experiences and therefore knowledge that we could not possibly achieve in any other way.”
~ Deena Metzger

Personal Note from Cheryl

Hello <$firstname$>, 

I am feeling very excited and grateful this month…it is officially my 10th year of teaching and my 12th year of my career in wellness. The time has flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to every single one of you who have come into my life during this time. I feel truly blessed!

I spent some time at the spa last week with my friend Susan… I love Ste. Anne’s spa – please check it out. It is a fabulous retreat to be pampered in and the gourmet meals are delicious. They have their own organic beef on site and you get dessert with every meal!

This past weekend I spent some time designing some special workshops I had been considering offering this coming year. One workshop will cover holistic wellness for women. I am also rewriting my Reiki drumming workshop, a very popular workshop on stress and anxiety.  And finally, another on Healing Your Eyes Naturally; combining energy exercises with nutrition and much more. (Get ready to throw out your reading glasses.)

There are plenty of exciting workshops with me this Spring… more details are on the website or send me an email for more information and your questions. There are more added each week, so please stay tuned.

We would like to extend a big “WELCOME” to those of you who joined us in the last week! Enjoy all of the tips, articles and resources coming to you each week! And don’t forget – you can access all the past issues of the ezine at

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Wishing you a joyful, healthy and abundant week,

Cheryl Hiebert
Sacred Journeys Healing Arts Centre

P.S.  Welcome to all the new readers that have joined our community!  You’re going to love the resources you’ll find here!  Enjoy!

Cheryl Recommends

F*R*E*E Reiki Session

A special offer to you to celebrate my 10 years! I would like to offer a  F* R*E*E Reiki session to anyone who has been wanting to experience one with me. There are a limited number of spots available for this exciting opportunity, so contact me as soon as you read this! (the session can be either in person or a distant healing session)

First Degree Reiki class is in 10 days… March 24/25

This course covers the basic theory of what Reiki is, how it works, the history of Reiki, and how to heal yourself and others through a series of easy to learn hand positions that direct energy into the entire body. You will learn how to perform a complete Reiki session on a client, what to expect from a Reiki treatment, the many uses and benefits of Reiki in everyday life and Reiki as First Aid. You will receive four attunements that connect you with the Reiki energy so you become a pathway for its use right away.

The techniques learned in this class will facilitate healing on all levels: mental emotional, physical and spiritual.

Feature Article

A Sacred Illness or Dreaded Occurrence?

“A sacred illness”… an interesting way to refer to the imbalance that might occur with any of us during the course of a lifetime. I love this term and the reframe opportunity it presents us with. We have been taught to look at illness as a horrible occurrence and to be avoided at all costs. We are also taught to fight it – hard. We constantly hear about the fight against cancer, the fight against heart disease, the fight against many different diseases and illnesses. And sometimes as healthy as we try to be – it happens, we are unwell.

Did you read my ezine from last week? I wrote about how my challenges eventually became obvious blessings to me and brought me to the work I do now. In the midst of being unwell, it is hard to come to terms with what it could represent longer term as knowledge and often the last thing we are thinking of. I don’t think we are saying; ”Gee, what will the lessons be in this?” We are more than likely afraid and we simply want to be well and for it to disappear.

Initially we are generally in shock and disbelief…we are scared out of our wits. We need to recognize that as long as we are fighting anything we are giving it negative attention which makes it grow bigger – whether it is a disease in the body, a relationship or job we are unhappy with. As soon as we can embrace it and change the way we look at it, then we have the opportunity to heal it.

An illness can be one that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature or a combination. We commonly tend to think in terms of the physical aspect in our culture. In my practice I have learned that the physical body is the last place for illness to show up. Negative thought patterns, general patterns of thinking, emotional distress, unresolved grief, etc. all eventually show up in the physical body last of all. It takes years to manifest an illness that finally shows up as a physical manifestation. Modern medicine has begun to realize that a shift in our thought patterns and habitual responses can allow anyone to recover from any disease we have ever known.

David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power VS. Force has this to say about the disease process: “When the mind is dominated by a negative worldview, the direct result is a repetition of minute changes in energy flow to the various organs. The subtle field of overall physiology is affected in all of its complex functions. Eventually an accumulation of infinitesimal changes becomes discernable through measurement techniques such as magnetic imaging etc…”

Exactly! And I agree. My experience over the years with my own recovery from a host of imbalances and those of my family and clients has proven this to me time and time again. We hear stories all the time about people who experience a crisis like a heart attack for example. Then they have an epiphany of some kind… and poof – everything changes. When they realize that their life cannot go on in the same negative fashion they can begin to heal. I have an aunt that was diagnosed with liver cancer over 25 years ago. It was unthinkable that she would survive, and she was given a certain number of years to live. In true Hiebert style she said it would not bring her down; she still travels and enjoys excellent health. When we have absolute faith it can happen. My Father has survived all kinds of potentially devastating health challenges, and at almost 78 he continues to keep his attitude keenly focused on believing that the mind can heal the body (or make it sick) .

The cells of your body are listening to you right now as you read this… what kind of message are you sending them? Do you think of yourself as well or unwell… do you focus on the labels that the medical community has provided? We can heal when we think of overall wellness without the negative focus on whatever the imbalance might be. We are not just parts… we are a whole human being. You are not “the cancer patient.”  You ARE mind, body and spirit. The way we think, the way we feel, the way we act – all affect the wellness of the physical body. Like a car – if one aspect is not working it affects the overall performance of the vehicle. The same principle applies to our bodies. We are a whole human being.

As we grow up we observe everything in our environment and literally download the thoughts, beliefs and opinions from everyone around us. If we experienced a predominantly negative world view as a child, we took it all in and it became our own as we grew up. That is why we cannot always figure out why we think a certain way. Our conscious mind is saying one thing, but there are deeply embedded thoughts in the background running the show if you will. So when we are in the throes of the disease process we need to make a shift in the way we think. We need to retrain the mind. By repeating positively worded statements we can begin changing the conscious mind, thereby shifting the patterns in the unconscious mind. One of my favourite statements is: “My body produces everything it needs to achieve perfect balance now and always.”

The more we focus on pain, illness, disease or a negative emotion, the more of it there is. In the exact moment  of that thought we have the opportunity to reframe and/or change our focus on what we intend to create. How do you really want to feel? Peace, calm, wellness, happy? Great!  Then change the focus to how you really want to feel. Continue to do this and you begin to see the evidence of change. Your emotional state will be the benchmark for how your moods, thoughts and wellness are shifting, therefore your physical body. Then watch how, as if by magic, your physical body begins to show you the evidence!

Treat each challenge you experience as a sacred opportunity for growth, let go of the fear and the fight… instead, embrace the opportunity to grow and heal yourself.

And…I want to add a special thank you to every single one of you that has been in my life for the past 10 – 12 years… I am richer for every single experience.

As always I am here to support you in this life journey and love your feedback.


Please take a moment and read what a few people had to say about last weekend’s 2-day workshop:

“If we are Lighthouses… then you are the Coast Guard in the Search & Rescue Boat! Thank you for doing what you do”! xo L.A

“Cheryl: Once again, thank you for such a totally inspirational weekend which has left us all the richer from the knowledge and teachings that you have shared with us. And then there is the fun we that all have in getting to know one another just a little bit more through all the laughter – and even a few tears, which only go to show what we all are really made of.. and that is such a good thing!! Thank you especially for opening up your heart to all of us and encouraging us to reach for the sky!!” B.B.

Where is Cheryl

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And stay tuned for upcoming teleclasses and spring retreats with me!!

Your Wellness Tip

Thank you Donna Eden for this one:

The Three Great Kisses:

1.    Slowly, softly, mindfully, kiss behind one of your partner’s knees.  The neurovascular points that sit there are some of the sexiest points you can stimulate.
2.    One of the most romantic spots for a kiss is on top of the upper eyelid.  Gently and fully attuned to the connection you are making, soften your lips and know you are stimulating the meridian that helps two people cozy up with each other.
3.    A long held kiss on the side of the cheek stimulates several energy points that help awaken the flow of love.

A common reason couples who have been together for a long time seek therapy is because one or both have lost interest in their physical relationship.  Even techniques as simple as the Three Great Kisses can get the energy flowing well between partners again.

Pucker up!!!


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To see how you can get more support from Cheryl, make sure to visit her website.

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